A successful day in the foothills.

Sunday turned out to be a very fun and successful and tiring day.

Our morning started out by building a few demo bikes that were still in boxes, and had been driven to town the night before by our wonderful rep Cindy. Our bike building was severly hindered by the fact that Tony was playing his newest dvd, Nitro Circus 5, which proved to be the single hardest thing to ignore that has ever been put on a TV.
So we got to the foothills about 10:30, a little later than we had thought, but it didn't appear that anybody was too upset about it.

We then proceeded to set up the pop-ups and the flags, and then just watched the people come rolling in.

We got very busy for most of the day, with about 25 or 30 bikes being sent out for test rides during the course of the day. Not bad considering we had about 10 demo bikes.

Lucky for us Tony's parents, Tony Sr. and Rosemary, were on hand to make sure everybody was fed and happy.

Tony Sr. is a grilling machine. He basically had that thing loaded from noon till 5:30 or so when it got dark and we packed up.

The weather was perfect, unbelievably good luck for an outdoor event scheduled for the middle of November. I'm starting to think we might just go ahead and skip winter this year, and just hold onto fall until spring arrives.

Eventually the sun started to get low, the temperature began to drop (surprisingly quickly), and the crowd started to thin. We had a wonderful sunset to pack up with, and before I knew it, everything was loaded up and the day was over.

It was a fantastic day. It was really satisfying for us to have so many of our friends, family, and customers come out to congratulate us on getting through the first year of a new business.
At one point during the day Cindy told me that it was really cool how much family there was hanging out. I said something like "yeah, those are my parents over here, and Tony's parents over there..." and she said "no, I mean everybody. All these people love you guys, they're all like family." I thought that was pretty cool.

Thanks everybody for coming out and helping us celebrate.

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