One Year in Business: Suck that Economy!

We officially opened for business on November 15th, 2007. I believe that first day we sold one pair of knee warmers, or maybe some booties, and they might have been returned a couple days later.

But anyways, the fact remains, we've been open nearly a year, and everybody knows that the first year of a new business is extremely difficult, particularly when the world's economic foundations seem to be crumbling under our feet. So, we feel we deserve a celebration, which is planned as follows:

Date: November 16th
Time: From reasonably late in the morning, til the sun goes down
Where: Elena Gallegos Picnic Ground, group shelter
What: Pure amazingness, what else?

Here's the plan, we've rented the group shelter at the Elena Gallegos Picnic ground. We plan on occupying that shelter for the majority of the day. We plan on having copious amounts of food and beverage. Maybe a couch, maybe even a big screen to watch football on, if we can scrounge up a generator. Maybe some big propane heaters if its a cold day. Maybe a 20 piece mariachi band and a line of chorus girls, and a blimp flying overhead with a Bikeworks banner, and some circus elephants giving rides around the parking lot. Definitely free food and drinks though.

Furthermore, our lovely new Giant rep will be present with her demo fleet of 2009 Giants, for the people to enjoy. So you can cruise up, hop on a shiny new bike of your liking, take it for a spin of your preference, come back, and chillax with us, and start thinking about how you are going to trick your wife into letting you buy yet another bike.

So basically, you would be foolish not to come.

In other Giant Demo bike related news, we've got some Giant demo bikes in the shop these days. I've been meaning to put up a post all week with lots of fun pictures of all our new Giants that arrived, both for sale and demo, but it just doesn't seem to have happened. But they are there, pictures or not, and they are glorious.

Tomorrow, Tony will be riding the backside DH trails on our new Giant Glory DH demo. This bike is, how do you say, ah yes, bad to the bone, and I suggest you ride it. I know this may be short notice, as it's Saturday night, and he'll be up there starting Sunday morning, but maybe this can be a lesson to you that it's always a good idea to check this website each night before you go to bed, because sometimes really seriously awesome things go on that you need to know about.

Also, my lovely wife would like you to know that we scored some rad baby shoes at Savers today for $3.99, and basically, things are good. But don't go getting all greedy and buying up all the baby shoes at Savers, because that wouldn't be nice for the rest of us.

Our other Giant demos for the shop include a Large Reign 0, which is a 6" travel model, and soon we'll have a Med Trance X1, which is a 5" travel model, and Julian said if you ask nicely he will let you try out his Lil' Giant, which is the dopest tricycle you have ever seen.

Now I got to go. Stay cool.