13 Nov More Europe Pics: Day 4

I was just remembering the week of riding in France and Switzerland I did a couple of months ago. Mmmm, sunshine and the alps.

After riding up the most ridiculously steep dirt road I have ever seen, for what seemed an eternity, we were rewarded with views.

Views and unbelievable singletrack that snaked along the ridge for quite a ways. If you look closely in this pic, you can see some of the other riders on one of the ridges.

You just won’t find anything like this in New Mexico.

You probably won’t find anything quite like this either. This was just a small section of the many incredibly rooted trails we would ride during the week. Fortunately for me it was generally dry, because coming from the desert, wet roots like this would have destroyed me.

At the bottom of all that singletrack was a picturesque valley, with a refuge and a fantastic restaurant in it. I ate the biggest, heaviest, cheesiest, hammiest plate they had, along with some beer, against my better judgment, as I knew it was all up from there.

I wish every epic day had a gourmet meal and a grassy nap in the middle of it. The locals didn’t even really ride with food, because if you got hungry there was always a little village and a restaurant close by.

When its time to climb in the Alps though, its really time to climb. This is the typical view from one of our many several thousand vertical foot slogs of the week.

This was a seriously steep road, the third major climb of such magnitude for the day if I remember correctly. At least there was plenty of scenery to keep my mind off my legs.

Thanks for reading.