keep buggering on... foothills party tomorrow!

hey people, against some odds and all evens (much respect to phil collins yeah i said it) bikeworks has been in business for a year to the day... we done did it, hoooo ahh!!!! kbo was a favorite catch phrase of winston churchill in case you were wondering and i thought it applied nicely to us today, anywho what i'm really supposed to be talking about is the time and exact location of our party-slash-giant brand bicycle demo this sunday the 16th of november. realistically we should be up and rolling by ten a.m. at the top of simms park road (elena gallegos picnic grounds). Simms park road is off of tramway just north of academy and we'll be there til the sun goes down. there will be food and beverages as well as bikes to ride, so come by and let us say thanks for letting us live the dream... later skaters, and thanks again for the support


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