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I come across a myriad of very useful information during my nightly interweb bike news searching.

Firstly, there appears to be a miracle in progress in Richarounds office:

Yup, that is what you think it is... an acoustic tile water stain in the form of JC himself. Richaround wanted to keep this on the downlow, as he's concerned the masses rushing to his office to see this site may interrupt his work, but I clearly have no respect for the wishes of others, so if you want to go bug Richaround at work and get your worship on, give me a ring and I'll give you directions.

Secondly, The Great Trek Bicycle Making Company (as Bikesnob NYC puts it) has decided to claim belt drives for themselves:

Link to CNN article on Trek's undeniable amazingness

I find it a little amusing. We got our first belt driven Spot in the shop several months ago. I believe Trek is using the same belts and cogs as Spot, so it's not like they did a whole lot of work to get the system up and running. And the article generally makes it sound like they are responsible for the whole belt drive being developed, when I believe Spot is really the driving force behind it. Anyhow, just thought it was a little funny.

And last but not least, Fox's already completely 40 RC2 fork is being usurped by an even perfecter limited edition Atherton tuned 40 RC2 fork:

Link to Velonews article about most perfectest suspension bits ever produced, ever

There are a few details about this that concern me, particularly statements like
"The World Cup tune provides performance characteristics designed specifically for the highest level of competition."
“The harder these products are ridden, the more rewarding the ride becomes,”

I'm not sure how many videos of World Cup DH runs you've watched, but those guys (and gals) ride hard. Really really really hard, and fast, and aggro. I'm curious how many people will be disappointed with the performance of the fork and shock simply because they aren't capable of putting the energy required into the dampers to make them perform the way they are supposed to.
I would however, very much like to get one of the 200 available, so one of you local DH guys should let me know you want one, and I'll start pestering the fine folks at Fox.

Lastly, we got some more new Giants in the shop today. I held off of ordering the Anthem X on our initial order, as 4" cross country bikes aren't our forte. But after incredibly positive feedback during our demo day, I went ahead and got a few Anthem X2's in. Check out Marc's review of his ride on one here:

We also got a Reign X0 in, a 2008 model on closeout. I initially held off on this bike because I thought it was more of a freeride rig than all mountain. Then I was informed that the X0 weighed 32 lbs out of the box, very impressivly light for something with nearly 7 inches rear wheel travel and a 36 RC2 fork. So we got one, and sure enough it weighed in at 31lbs 15oz. And the geometry is more aggro all mountain than freeride, with a 67 headtube angle and full length top tubes. And you know it's going to pedal awesome because it has Maestro linkage. So basically, we'll see how long before this bike becomes a demo, because I'm anxious to get on it.

And lastly, we are stocking a small selection of kids bikes, youth bmx, and rad tricycles from Giant for the Christmas season. So come on in and get your holiday shopping insanity on, because kids love bikes, and they are way way cheaper than video games these days.

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