14 Oct When it rains it pours.

So we hadn’t had the keg filled in a couple of weeks due to logistical errors. We did our best to make up for that with extreme beer deliveries via Charlie and numerous afternoon 12pack runs, but it just wasn’t the same.
So yesterday we finally picked up our Cornelius from Il Vici, filled to the brim with IPA (what else). Then not ten minutes later, our friend The Jesus called and asked if we might be willing to help with a full, full-size keg left over from a party, this one filled with Marble IPA.
Being the good Samaritans that we are, we said yes, bring it on over, even though we definitely don’t have the space in the fridge to keep two kegs cold.
So basically, if you are of proper drinkin’ age, and fancy yourself a hoppy beer from time to time, I strongly recommend coming on by in the next couple of days.

In other quasi-news, I’ve decided that a one year birthday party for Bikeworks in on order. On Novermber 15th it will have been one year since we officially opened for business (take that economy!).
I’ve been shooting ideas around amongst my cohorts. One is to rent the group shelter up at Elena Gallegos, bring lots of food and beverage (early Thanksgiving?) and probably some fire wood and propane heaters (depending on the weather) and have ourselves and early winter bike and eating fest. Ideally we would be able to line up a bike demo and get one of our bigger brands out there with us with a fleet of test bikes, but we’ll see.

Another idea would be to just throw something like a party at the shop. I’m not sure that it would be a whole lot different than any other day, other than hopefully there would be more poeple in there, we would not be fixing any bikes, there would be more food than usual, and we’d probably start drinking earlier (AM Ale anybody)? We’d probably have to give some stuff away, and maybe incorporate a booze cruise to one or more of our local watering holes to wrap things up.

If anybody has any suggestions or ideas, let us know, I’m kind of fishing here.

So on Sunday I got to ride my bike, for several hours, and it was glorious. In honor or Rich-around’s b-day, a small group of us headed up to Tunnel bright and squirrely for a full day of sweet Otero action. We basically did all the singletrack that is legal that we could think of. In the end we had about 23 miles. Thanks to the rains on Saturday, we spend the majority of those miles with huge cakes of mud on our tires, so we were really earning it.
I really like Otero. It’s amazing to have that many miles of good tight singletrack 20 minutes from the city. And if you get bored, you can just hop across the street and start checking out Cedro, which has a completely different terrain.
This was the first ride I had done on the ML8 since I returned from the Europe trip. I like my bike. Other things I like are my new Shimano AM 50 shoes, the bottle of Perpetuem I brought with which kept blood sugar level for all 6 hours, my new pair of Endura Singletrack baggies, and riding with friends on a Sunday.

The past few evenings, while chillaxing at home (dang, spellcheck doesn’t even know what to think of “chillaxing”, it’s all like “what, I don’t even know that word, it must be correct”) I’ve been reading the new Mountain Flyer mag from cover to cover. It is by far the best bike magazine out there. The only one that makes me want to put down the magazine and get on my bike every time I read it (most other magazines seem only to want you to put down the mag and go shopping for bike junk you don’t need).
If you haven’t seen this magazine, you should pick up a copy next time you are in the shop. It comes out 4 times a year, and is a pretty new venture, as they are on issue ten right now. We have a little stock of #9 as well, so if you come get the new one, I’ll give you the last one as well.

Well, it’s time to be off to the shop. It’s raining, so I’m going to go ahead and drive, because I’m from New Mexico and that’s how I am. Didn’t manage to eat any breakfast this morning, all this babbling on got in the way. Hmmm, I hope Danny’s feelin’ the breakfast burrito this morning, since he can’t stand to get himself one without buying one for me as well. Yayyyy Danny!