Stupid good-for-nothing rain.

I know we live in the desert, and we're supposed to be all happy when it rains, but seriously, when you put in a 6 day work week, and then it rains on your day off, it's kind of lame. My plans of a Otero / Cedro combo loop were squashed, and I pouted, for hours.

Did manage to get a couple quick hours in the south foothills today, which was quite fun because there was unbelievable traction. Riding the singlespeed by myself with headphones on, pushing my luck and testing my tires around every turn.

Ran into Painter Paul, who was breaking in his new ti Voodoo 29er singlespeed, which we sold him on Saturday. He was excited, to say the least. I predict that bike is going to have very, very many miles put on it in the near future.

Hopefully next weekend will satiate my riding needs for a little while, as we're planning a short but sweet trip to Durango to hit up Hermosa Creek. If weather doesn't permit, our backup plan is Gallup. Either way, I'm gonna get some miles in on some sweet out of town singletrack. Maybe we'll be able to hook up with the Turgeons, and then proceed to get our asses handed to us.

Things at the shop have been unbelievably busy still. I thought Septemeber would taper off, and it didn't. The first few days of October have been slammed too, with a selection of custom builds being picked up last week and more scheduled for the week to come.

Tony has expanded his riding resume the past couple weeks by attending the BMX races. I'm not sure which category he's racing in (or even how they categorize BMX) other than he's riding a cruiser, but I do know that he took home a sweet 2nd place trophy last week, and I think he might have scored another today. So if you come in the shop, look for the trophies sitting on top of the glass display case, make a giant scene along the lines of "DUDE! YOU GOT SECOND PLACE! SIIIIICK!" and I'll get you a beer for your hard work.
Beers can also be earned by asking Tony if you can pet his hair, or by saying "hey, how 'bout a beer."

Okay, that's it for tonight. I'm sitting here eating some kind of spicy cilantro something flavored hummus, drinking pretty cheap wine, and I'm starting to wonder if that combination was a bad idea.

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  1. You better look us up when you are in Durango! :)