21 Oct More Bikes for Sale! and other babbling too.

More bikes on sale.
All our Swobo Bikes are now 25% off. We have the following:

57cm Del Norte — was $739 now $555
57cm Sanchez — was $599 now $449
53cm Novak — was $729 now $545
22″ Dixon — was $949 now $712 (22″ isn’t as big as it sounds, it fits a 6 footer well)
Large Folsom — was $449 now $338 SOLD!

For details on the bikes, go to

We also have a couple of 2008 Rocky Mountains left, all marked at 25% to 30% off.

Just noticed its been over a week since I’ve put anything up. I actually have somewhat of an excuse this time though. My very old and trusty home computer tried to mutiny on me last week. The trouble started when I finally let it do one of those automatic windows updates it’s always complaining about. Now I’m convinced those things do more harm than good. Everything was working fine before that. Maybe it is Microsoft’s way of hunting down everybody with seven year old computers, and making them shell out some more cash.

Luckily, I have a friend, whose name I won’t mention for his protection, who is one of those uber computer guys, and I’m back and babbling.

Things are finally starting to slow down around the shop, which we are actually a little excited about, as now we will finally have time to get to some of those longer term projects we havent been able to touch all summer. Our main focus at the moment is figuring out how to get more bikes into the shop, while simultaneously making it look nicer. We’re going to reconfigure the way the bikes hang from the ceiling (more bikes, less ropes), hopefully do something about our hideous HVAC system to free up some vertical space, and maybe, just maybe, we’ll get a contractor to build us a little loft storage area in the back (any contractors who need a bike reading this?)

Last Monday I got out for my first night ride of the year. Baby mama had a bunch of ladies over, doing a book club thing, which was my cue to get the hell out of the house. So I grabbed a single speed, and headed for the foothills. Rode up to the south foothills, which I haven’t done in quite a while. I think it seems like it takes longer than it does (I live near Lomas and San Mateo).
There was a lightning storm working its way over from the backside, and rain clouds moving in from the north, and it made for an exciting ride. I managed to miss the rain until the last 10 minutes or so on my way back home.

Then I took Thursday off to ride in Gallup with Charlie, Mike, and Sihu (it was like a little Europe trip reunion). In case anybody is wondering how we decide when we take days off at the shop, all being owners and everything, here’s a little example of how it usually goes down:

Normal day at the shop, Dan, Dan and Tony just working away (more or less). Charlie walks in the door:

Charlie walks to the back of the shop, hands us $200 of exotic beer to drink, farts on Danny, throws me across the shop just for the hell of it, and then eats half of whatever candy we have around that day in 10 seconds flat.

Charlie: Hey guys, I’m doing a one day trip to Gallup to ride on Thursday, who wants to go?

Dan: Dibs
Danny: Dibs
Tony: Dibs

And thats pretty much how it goes. See, I said “Dibs” before Danny or Tony, therefore I got the day off. It is that level of professionalism and planning that makes Bikeworks the superior shop in town.

So thursday I rode in Gallup. We did the High Desert race course first, which I hadn’t ridden since I did the Dawn til Dusk race about 6 years ago. It is such a fun loop. It got us all excited to come out and do Dawn til Dusk this year.
Then we went into town, got a little advice from the guys at High Mesa, and headed north. Since I’m lazy, I haven’t researched the name of the area that we rode at, or anything like that, but I’m pretty sure we did trails called Quaking Aspen, and Quasimoto, and that should be enough info for anybody familiar with the area to know what I’m talking about.

It was some fun riding. All the trails seemed to be bike specific, and were just twisty, swoopy, flowy and fun. There appeared to be quite a bit more singletrack that we didn’t ride as well, but the sun was getting low and we were all wearing down from the long miles of the day, so we decided not to push it.
I would love to get back out there, and just ride that area for an entire day, and see how many miles of singletrack we could get in. I have a feeling it would be substantial.

I even managed to get out for a couple of hours on Sunday on the road bike, which was covered in a deep layer of dust when I pulled it down off my wall. Just headed North on the bike path, not sure what I was going to do, and quickly ran into Danny and a few of his usual suspects. Then we got tangled up in the Day of the Tread course. Looks like that even was a success based on the huge number of cyclists we saw.

Last night, I had planned on getting out for another book club-avoiding foothills night ride. But by the time the last of the riff raff wandered out of the shop, shortly after our keg was killed, I had lost motivation. So instead, I decided to build up my new track bike frame, a Soma Rush that I acquired from our friend Dean (thanks Dean!). I basically swapped all my parts off the Surly, except for the new 1″ King I put on the Soma. I’m pretty excited about the bike, on first impression, it has a smoother ride than the Surly, and it has more track geometry, and handles very quickly. I’m excited to ride it to work today. Maybe I’ll take a long route to work so I can get a better feel of the bike than my normal 3 mile commute would allow.

And with that, I’m out.