20 Oct Gigantic!

I have been putting off saying anything about this for a while, waiting for it all to be “official” and stuff, but I got an email this morning that looks like it is so….

We are picking up Giant Bikes for the shop. It was quite a big decision for us, as Giant is definitely one of the “big boys” in the bike industry, and that’s a big departure from the brands we deal with currently, which with the exception of Rocky Mtn, are some of the smallest companies around.
But, Giant was shopping around for new representation in Albuquerque, and they actually originally approached us, which, quite honestly, we were flattered by. We were surprised that we didn’t have to buy 5,000 bikes to get opened up as a dealer, and we were very impressed with the value and quality of their line across the board when we got to put our hands on them at Interbike.
Check out their website:


They have some of the best looking commuter and townie bikes I’ve seen, like the Transend Series, the Seek Series, and the more casual Suede Series. All those bike have some really nice style and design points, and generally beat out the competition on value for the dollar, something everybody can appreciate these days.

Of course we’re also excited about their full suss mountain line, which is primarily based around their proven Maestro suspension linkage. They have a very complete line available, from ultra light carbon race machine to world cup worthy downhill race machine. I’m not saying that I’ll be selling off my Maverick or anything, but you can never have too many bikes.

So that’s our big news of the day. And for those of you who are thinking that we’re gonna be taken over by this new brand and transformed into just another shop like every other one in town, don’t worry, its not going to happen. Giant isn’t like some of those other big brands that tells its dealers what they can carry, what they have to look like, and what image their shop has to have. If it was anything like that, we wouldn’t have gone for it, because quite honestly, Danny Tony and I aren’t very good at being told what to do.

I should have some new bikes in the shop in the very near future. So stop by, have a beer, and have a look at our new toys.