21 Oct Get your philanthropy on!

So I’ve got this cousin, see, and he’s always like doing good things for the kids and stuff, you know, the kids that don’t normally get to do much cool stuff, and stuff. And like, it’s cool, you know.

The cousins name is Phil Lucero, and he’s getting geared up to do some bike touring next summer, with a program hes involved with named Two Wheel View. Check it out:
Link to Two Wheel View’s Website for your convenience.

That main picture on the home page, that is Phil on the bike, which used to be my bike, so now it’s like you already know him.
The reason I bring all this up is because they are planning trips and there are some spots for interested parties. I know they have room on the adult trip to Argentina in June, which is fun for the adults and also serves as a fundraiser for the kid trips. I believe its around two weeks of riding, not particularly strenuous though. I’ve heard nothing but good things, Phil has done the same tour 3 times now I believe, and he’s still excited to go back and do it again.
If this is something you think you might be interested in, drop us a line, or ask me about it while your in the shop, and I can put you in contact with him.

Also, donations are always welcome, especially in the old-bike-you-don’t-want-anymore form. The best bikes for the job tend to be early nineties mountain bikes, without suspension, and 7 or 8 speed drivetrains, of all sizes. And it doesn’t have to be in perfect working order, that’s where Bikeworks steps in. And as it’s a non-profit, tax deductible receipts are available, so it’s probably a better deal than selling it for $10 at a garage sale.

I met a bunch of the kids that went on the trip to Argentina last year. It was pretty cool, the were mostly local Albuquerque kids, only a couple even owned bikes of their own, and they were all super excited to go on the trip, or even just to go to another country. It was definitely an opportunity many of them weren’t going to have otherwise.

So if you have some time off this summer, and like riding bikes, get your philanthropy on!