Cross Season is on like Donkey Kong

Isn't it fun to say that things are "on like Donkey Kong"? I find it sickly satisfying, perhaps because I know it's bothering somebody out there to no end.

I also like doing the double-post. I won't put a single new thing up for a week at a time, so when I actually sit down and start typing, I make it worth my while and get in a two-for-one.

Anyways, the New Mexico cyclocross race series started today. Just had a look through the results and saw that there was a pretty good turnout. Check it out for yourself:

I've definitely got the hankering for a cross bike lately, since I sold my previous one over the summer.

Well, that's about it. Mostly, I just wanted to plug the nmcross site, since I recently noticed that it is one of our top referring sites, and thanks to Mike for putting us on there (I think we earned our spot yesterday with Danny doing some last minute bike surgery to Mikes cross bike). Everybody should try and make it out to one (or several). It's definitely good old fashioned low key local bike racing fun. Don't worry if you don't have a cross bike, any old mountain bike will get the job done.

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