Robble Robble Robble

Okay, first, reminder that we are closed tomorrow (Wednesday) and Thursday so that we can attend Interbike, the big ol' bike trade show in Vegas, and by all means have no fun whatsoever.

We will be back at it, bright eyed and bushy tailed on Friday at the crack of 10am.

Thank you for your patience with our weird hours, and rest assured, we'll miss you just as much as you will miss us. But don't worry, it's just 48 hours, and it'll go by real fast, we promise.

Secondly, I've been delinquent in my lack of talking about a cool new site,
It is a labor of love recently started by a friend and customer of our, David. He's got some great ideas and plans for the site, such as for sale sections, and tech sections, and the forums are already up and running. I think it will be a great place for the loose knit group of the regions freeriders and downhillers, who all seem to be acquaintances, to be able to communicate and help develop the local scene.
I think the forums can also be a good place for things like "hey, who's down to shuttle Sandia next Sunday," which currently seems to be organized by everybody calling Tonys cell and then he connects the dots.
So, check out the site and sign up.

Okay thats all. I should be getting off to bed since they guys are picking me up at the airport at 5:45 tomorrow morning.
Do you think Southwest serves booze at 7am?

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