17 Sep More Trip Pics

Day two had us starting out at Avoriaz, an interesting little pre-planned ski community nestled up above Morzine against some cliffs. We drove the van up there to avoid having to climb the road for hours on our bikes. It was an overcast day from the start, with expected large amounts of rain in the afternoon. Even overcast, the views were impressive.

There happened to be a waterfall, which was awesome looking.

We rode up a trail, and at the top there were…amazing views!
On the left side of this picture, you can see the village of Avoriaz tucked up against the hill. I guess it was designed to blend in, and it really is not very noticable from Morzine.

There was some sweet singletrack to be found.

In the afternoon it started raining, but we still went out for two more trips up the gondola from Morzine. One time down we did an exploratory cross country ride that included a couple of long climbs, and some very wet and very slippery descents.
Second time down we rode the Pleney Downhill Course. I don’t know what the history of this course is, if its ever been raced in a world cup or anything, but it sure was fun. It was a fully marked DH course with padded trees around every turn. It wasn’t particularly technical, or steep, or difficult, just really swoopy and turney and fun. Didn’t take any pictures of it, but there are tons of videos on you tube if youre interested:
Pleney DH You Tube

After that we had some lunch, and it started raining harder. Then it continued to rain, then rain, and then a little more rain, basically until bed time. Our afternoon looked like this:

The rainy afternoon was a bit of a bummer, but the next day completely made up for it.
We’ll get to that soon.