03 Sep I’m Out!

I’m leaving bright and squirrely tomorrow morning for a little R and R, riding and riding.
Heading out with Charlie, Sihu and Mike for a week of epic mountain bike days in the French and Swiss Alps.

We will be guided and pampered by Endless Ride touring company out of Morzine.

Since there’s four of us, I believe we’ll have our own group with our own guide. The rides we are doing are most like their Transalpine Trip. But Charlie said they are doing a custom tour for us based on the conversations he had with them about the type of riding we’d like to do, and that the lift access will be closed by the end of our trip as it’s past normal season. I believe Charlies’ conversation went a little like this:

Endless Ride: Hello, Endless Ride
Charlie: Hi, I want to book a tour for me and three buddies.
ER: Okay, what kind of riding would you like to do?
Charlie: I like the look of the Transalpine.
ER: Oh yes, that’s great, and very challenging.
Charlie: Is there much hike a bike on that?
ER: Just one nasty bit.
Charlie: Any way we can add a bit more long hike a bikes?
ER: I suppose.
Charlie: Can you guarantee that it will rain on us at least once while we’re pushing our bikes?
ER: Umm, no.
Charlie: Bummer, oh well. Is there much chance of us getting lost for hours?
ER: Oh no sir, our guides are very thoroughly trained, you definitely will not get lost.
Charlie: Got any new guys that aren’t trained yet?
ER: No.
Charlie: Bummer, oh well. Will there at least be copious amounts of beautiful European women for us to oggle while we’re there.
ER: Well, it’s off season so the resort is basically deserted. It’ll just be you, your three dude friends, and a couple dude guides.
Charlie: Bummer. Well, mabe we can get Lucero to wear a skirt and shave his legs. He does have fantastic legs.
ER: That’s very nice sir.

Okay, I think that conversation went on far too long. Charlie seriously can not stop talking about my sexy legs. It’s starting to bother me.

Anyway, I was trying to make the trip sound not completely freaking amazing by talking about rain and hike a bike, but really, it’s going to be completely amazing and there’s nothing I can do about it.

So, I’m leaving in a few hours. Guess I should start packing. I’ll try to update while I’m there if the interweb is easily accessable. Hmm, you can get passports at the airport, right? I think you need one of those for France now.