13 Sep I’m Back!

We’re all back from the Alps, amazingly all in one piece, and save for a little jet lag, feeling great.

The trip was phenomenal, going to be hard to put it down in words. Fortunately, we have a ton of pics, so that should help.

The trip out went fine, amazingly all our flights were basically on time, and no luggage was lost. Even though it went according to plan, it took a solid 24 hours of traveling. We flew to Chicago bright and early wednesday morning, then had a solid 5 hours to waste in the chicago airport before our next flight to Brussels. Turns out 5 hours is a long time in the Chicago airport, especially when you’re all excited and anxious about going to the Allps to mountain bike that day.

We eventually made it to Brussells, and with the time change, it was Thursday morning local time. After navigating the incredible crappyness that is the Brussells airport, we had a little time to kill before our third and final flight to Geneva. Unlike my cohorts, I had not slept at all on the train, as I find that a very hard thing to do. So I got a coffee, sat down at a little table, and noticed the guy at the next table was an American chatting on his cell phone. Then I noticed that he had a fantastic porn ‘stash, and kind of looked like Tom Ritchey, from what I could remember. Then I noticed that he had a T Shirt on that had to do with bikes and Rwanda. So I introduced myself when he got off the phone, and turns out it was Tom Ritchey, stuck in Brussells trying to get to Germany for Eurobike.
I thought it was really cool to be sitting there with him, but I very quickly couldn’t come up with much to say, which made it a very awkward conversation, and I said by and left.
I know, it’s an amazing story, try not to be too jealous.

So we got to Geneva, were amazed when our bikes finally showed up, and were picked up by Carl, one of the guys from Endless Ride. The drive to Morzine was about an hour through many little towns on incredibly twisty roads.
Once at the Chalet, we immediately set to work finding some beer and building our bikes. At this point it was early afternoon in Morzine, and I had been awake for approximately 24 straight hours.

We bolted the bikes together, fortunately nothing was damaged and the job was pretty easy. Then we wandered off to the favorite local watering hole of Endless Ride, bar Robinson, where they only serve one beer, Mutzig. Mutzig has quite a reputation for being an ass kicker in the region. All the folks from Endless Ride are convinced that at bar Robinson, it is stronger than normal as well. Their joke is that the little old french couple that own the bar spike the beer with local magic mushrooms to give it an extra kick.
We were the only ones in the bar, and ordered a couple of rounds of pints before anybody else arrived. Turns out that was a rookie move, and all those in the know only drink half pints, and those who aren’t big drinkers go for a panache, a half pint that is half lemonade.

We left a couple hours and 3 or 4 pints later, feeling extemely tired, very excited, and now a little drunk. Wandered up to the chalet for dinner, which I remember being amazing but can’t remember what it was. We had dinner cooked for us almost every night by Helen, the “chalet girl”. Her cooking was fabulous. I drank some more beers, dranks some wine, tried to keep up with the conversation of the other guests in the chalet, who were all British, and soon I was very drunk, and very tired.
Eventually I managed to get up, make it upstairs, and get myself into bed without falling over. I slept like a log, and woke up the next morning hung over and ready to ride.

Thats it for now. Hopefully I can get some of my pics up later on today, and I’ll continue with the adventure shortly. But for now, its off to work.