Burner Pics, as Promised

Okay, so I promised pics from the burner, and I have a few. These are a small selection of the photos taken by our friend Long, who was at the race taking amazing pics like a fiend.
You can see all the pics by following the following link


I asked Long for his info, as he has a website started and such, since he is an aspiring photographer and I wanted to give him a plug since I think he takes some awesome pics. So he kindly wrote down all the pertinent info, which I left at work, possibly never to be seen again. But I'll get his info up here eventually, because it's not easy to take good action shots of biking, and he does it very well.

I'm also experimenting with posting whole lots of pics on the picasa web albums, which seems to be something Google has thrown together recently. It seems to be smooth and easy to put tons of pics up there, so hopefully I'll be sharing more in the near future.


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  1. i knew long had some pics of someone other than tony have a good time in vegas guys!