Bikeworks Wins Team Category @ The Burner

So Tony, Vince and Scott won the team category of the Burner Saturday, completing 29 laps in 12 hours.
They beat the BTI team, who got 2nd in team, by a whole lap.
Our friend Chris Boice took second, getting beat by a mere 31 seconds by privateer Waylon Smith. Boice reportedly had the lead for the first 28 or so laps, but lost time once the sun went down. I bet next year he'll show up with some serious lighting strapped to his helmet and bike.

I'm impressed that after 12 hours things were that close. I know that's how the 24 hour cross country races often turn out as well, but in a DH race, I just didn't expect guys to be able to keep it that together for so many runs. I can't imagine what their arms and hands felt like that night.

Danny kept things together for our racers out there, which clearly made all the difference between the guys finishing first and last.

I haven't been given any photos of our own from the race yet, but our friend Long was there, and I hear he was taking photos like a fiend, so I'll post them when I get them.
In the mean time, I have a few links:

official results

a small selection of photos

forum link for

Good job guys.

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