A week of Fridays

Yesterday at the shop Tony got off the phone and exclaimed "Today's Friday, but tomorrow's Friday too!"
The Dans respond "Today's Wednesday dude."
"Oh sweet, I'm totally ahead of the game."
Tomorrow is Friday, Tony will be downhilling.
We love Tony.


What Would We Do Without The Interweb?
I mean, if it wasn't for the amazing power of interweb, Richaround would have never been able to share this with me.
And then where would I be. I'd just be some sorry sap who never saw that video, which is no way to live life.
Richaround was strangely concerned with the clown. I was more concerned that he found that video on the interweb.

Didn't manage to make it to work before noon today. We don't technically open till noon on Mondays, but typically we're there at 9:30ish anyways, getting things caught up. Typically, not always. Moving a little slow after a day of downhilling in Angel Fire. Turns out, riding big bikes down that mountain makes for a good time. Amazingly we got rained on very little, hailed on very little, and for the most part had an amazing day with phenomenal traction on the trails. Not that the trail conditions were going to play any part in slowing me down. No, me never letting go of the brakes and being completely puckered 99% of the time pretty much took care of that.

A handful of guys from BTI were up there, many of them on some hot new toys from Commencal, which we thoroughly drooled over.

Once again, I have no pictures to share. The only pics I took this weekend were of a certain baby who has a tendency to do things that make me want to take pictures of him. Riding downhill bikes doesn't seem like the safest activity for my camera to join me on. Mark from BTI did have a rather sweet helmet cam going, so maybe he'll be nice enough to share some of the footage with us. There was also a newspaper reporter up there taking photos for an article on the 12 hour race coming up. Of course I can't remember his name, and I didn't ask which newspaper he's writing for, so basically I'm awesome.

That's it, I've suddenly grown bored of this post.


Our buddy Chris just keeps on producing the goods.....

It only seems appropriate that after building tens of millions of sets of wheels, that somebody gives Danny a logo. And if it happens to be a completely rad logo, well bully for him. That's right, I said bully.

Red Bull Burner: 12 Hours of Downhill fun!

We'd been hearing about a 12 hour race that was going to happen in Angel Fire in September. Hadn't seen anything official, but Tony said it was going on, so we had faith (Tony seems to know these types of things).

Today we received posters and some more info on the event. It's definitely going on, and we're definitely going to be there. Tony is planning on racing it solo, and the shop is going to be closed that day so we can all be up there. Perhaps Danny and I will do a little racing too. Or we might just hang out and fix bikes and build wheels for Tony, as it will surely be an abusive day for equipment.

Rumor has it that there will be some big names at the event, such as the Atherton siblings. This event may be a qualifier of sorts for other Red Bull DH events, so it is reasonable to expect some pros showing up. $5,000 cash is a pretty good reason to show up too.

We've also been hearing the Angel Fire has a new DH course built recently, dubbed "B Line". I guess the owners of Chili Pepper, who have a shop now in Angel Fire, have been putting in the man hours behind the shovel to add some new fun on the face of the mountain.

Anybody who showed up for the World Cup in 2005 knows that Angel Fire knows how to host an event properly, and this is guaranteed a good time.

In preparation, Tony will be in Pajarito this Saturday with the usual suspects, ripping up their new line that is supposed to be packed full of delicious doubles. Hopefully I'll be catching up with them Saturday night in Angel Fire so we can have a full day of riding on Sunday. Stop by the shop or give a shout if you want to catch up on either day.

Hope to see you out there.

Jerseys in the works.

Our friend Chris has been hard at work designing a couple sweet jerseys for us.

We're still working on details of the sponsors which will be on the jersey, but it will basically consist of the bikes we ride and the beer we drink.

This is a pic of the DH jersey. We've also got a SS roadie jersey in the works, that will be primarily white, because black jerseys are stupid when your on the road in New Mexico in the summer.

Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions on the design, our goal is amazingness.

We got kids shirts!

We had some sweet kiddie t's made for the shop. Like our big people shirts, they are super soft American Apparel T's.

The kiddies in the pic belong to Charlie, and you might be able to buy one if you don't have any children of your own to go with your sweet new Bikeworks T, seeing as he's got three of them.