08 Jun Blog Demotion

The International Blogging Federation (IBF) stopped by the shop yesterday to pay me a visit. They had to inform me of my Blogger status demotion, which is a result of the infrequency of my posting on this site. I am no longer a “blogger” but just “a guy who writes on a website on occasion.” I think I’m cool with this, I’ve never been a big fan of the word “blog” in the first place, let alone “blogger.” Also, I’m not sure being a “blogger” puts me in the best company. I think I’d like to associate myself with people that don’t spend all their free time solo in front of the computer. I would be good, however, to keep the site updated more, as we’ve had all sorts of shenanigans going on lately.

But, now is not the time, as I’ve got to get ready for mountain biking in Santa Fe all day. We’re parking at Aspen Ranch, riding Borrego and Rio en Medio and a couple other trails, to make one big painful loop. It’s gonna be good, we got the whole shop (Charlie, Tony, Danny and I) as well as my pops and Marc joining us. It’s gonna be sweet. I’ll return with pictures shortly.