22 May words words words

Haven’t had too many words lately, so no posts in a while. Maybe too much baby talk has reduced my big-person speaking abilities.

What’s new at the shop? We learned recently of another major corporate merger, one almost as big as our recent one, with Spot Bikes buying Maverick American. This came as a complete surprise, but at least explained why nobody was answering the phones at Maverick for about a week. There has been a few press releases about it, giving some details. It kind of works well for us, since we’re a Spot dealer too. And Maverick’s tech wizard Ethan is staying with the company, which we’re happy about, as Ethan has been helping us out for years, and always has the answers for us. We love Maverick’s bikes and hopefully this move will only make them better, help them grow and maybe expand their offerings.

Speaking of Spot, word has it that we will be getting our first shipment of bikes within the next week. I guess they said we’re getting two bikes at first, I’m not sure which two, or exactly when, as the phone call was answered by Tony, or maybe Danny, the guys couldn’t tell me exactly, which kind of seemed strange to me, but what can I say, things get crazy at the shop sometimes, and it can be very difficult if to remember if you did or did not answer the phone and have a conversation. And, it was new keg monday. Today is Thursday, which means we have a couple of days of keg left, so come by and say hi.

I rode lower Faulty, up to Tree Spring, and back down, with a few random extra loops thrown in, on Sunday. It was a fantastic ride, those trails are so nice it’s amazing that we aren’t more well known for our mountain biking in Albuquerque. That’s ok with me though, as it only takes one super trafficky ride on a saturday in the front range area to know that we don’t want to be the next Mtb. “mecca.”
It was only my second time out on my Maverick since I put the DUC32 fork on it. I’m still fine tuning it, but I like that fork, a lot.

I recently sent our friend Salinas out on my Maverick for a test ride in Cedro. He was riding with a buddy on an Ibis, and they switched back and forth a couple of time during the ride to do some shop and compare action. Final verdict was that the Maverick climbs better, whereas the Ibis was more “flickable”. Having ridden both bikes, I found this to be a pretty good summary. It also explains why I like the Maverick so much, because “flickable” for me usually means that I get “flicked” off the bike, most often over the bars.

At the end of our Faulty ride, I had the most amazingly painful leg cramp of my life. It resulted in me falling off the bike, my right leg completely locked out, and laying on the trail whimpering for what felt like several hours. My quad was just totally seized up, and it sucked.

We stopped by the new Marble Brewery tap room last night after work. The place was packed. It’s a bit bigger than the other tap rooms we normally frequent in Albuquerque, which was nice. We were drinking IPA, as usual. It was good, a little milder than Il Vicino’s. In fact, think I’ll have a pint right now. The red was also very tasty.

Well, that’s about what I got for today. I think I’ll have some more pics and fun tomorrow. Tony is going to be up in Angel Fire all weekend, racing Super D and Downhill. There’s also some 4 Cross and Cross Country action going on. Should be a nice fun long weekend if anybodies looking for something to do this Memorial Day. We’ll be closed on Monday, by the way.

Thanks for reading.