10 May We’ve been freaking busy!

Haven’t been posting much lately, as we’ve had all sorts of stuff going on, and the shop has been busier than ever.
Starting with last weekend, we all went and raced the La Tierra Torture on Sunday in Santa Fe. It was a good time. We had myself, Danny, Charlie, Marc, and Travitron all rocking the Bikeworks jerseys and racing singlespeeds. Danny got second place, Marc got third, I got winded trying to keep up with them, thought I was going to die, and then wisely slowed way down. It was a really fun race, a challenging course, beautiful weather, and a great way to spend a Sunday.

Then on Tuesday, we had the Rocky Mtn. demo tour van in town, and we all went to the Tuesday Night Crit. We brought our BBQ, handed out several dozen Sausages and beers, did a giveaway for a Polar heart rate monitor and bike computer, and generally hijacked the race and used it for our own promotional purposes. In the end, everybody seemed to think it was cool (mostly because of the free food and beer, I think).

Wednesday followed with our Rocky Mtn. demo day up at Elena Gallegos. It turned out to be another beautiful day, and we had a pretty large turnout. I got to ride a little on an Element 70, which was a bad idea, because now I want one. The whole event was a great success, and I’m pretty sure we’re gonna sell a couple of bikes because of it. Thanks to Rocky for offering such an awesome service for it’s shops.

Thursday was just a busy day at the shop. It was Danny’s last day before he went on vacation, I think he went alligator hunting in the Bayou or something, so there was a lot of odds and ends to wrap up. We were pretty nervous about being away from each other for more than one day at a time, as we’ve been spending 6 days a week together for quite some time now, but I think we’ll find a way to get through it.

Yesterday was another very busy day, largely thanks to Tony, who has already had an impact on our sales volume, and now here I am, Saturday morning, talking about the shop, before I go to the shop. When I get home tonight, I’ll undoubtedly continue talking about the shop, and maybe on Sunday I’ll pop in for a little while to get some things organized.

I’ve been working six days a week, but like Tony told a customer, as they sat on the couch drinking beer yesterday afternoon, “my job is way cooler than yours.”