10 May Bikeworks ABQ Corporate News!

In a move that’s making major headlines on Wallstreet, Bikeworks ABQ LLC has recently merged with Gradillas Enterprises Inc.

Tony Gradillas, CEO of Gradillas Enterprises, has already begun working with Bikeworks ABQ as of this week. As a result of Gradillas’ involvement, several changes at Bikeworks are already noticeable, such a significant increase in downhill bike business, a significant decrease in unsightly clutter, and an exponential increase in use of the phrase “by chance”.

Bikeworks and Gradillas Ent. began negotiations several months ago, when Gradillas expressed interest in someday starting a bike shop. Bikeworks knew that competing with Gradillas would be extremely difficult, and made an offer of partial ownership, very low pay, extremely long hours, and lots and lots of beer. Gradillas countered, demanding significant cereal and milk supplies be kept on hand at all times, and an agreement was made.

If you happen to be part of the 87% of the earths population with whom Tony Gradillas is on a first name basis, come by and say hi, have a beer, and say congrats to Tony.