10 Apr Racing Anitcs

We’re getting out and doing some more racing in the near future.

Saturday is Dawn ’til Dusk, in Gallup. Charlie is racing it solo, and Danny is doing a 2 man team with our friend Guy. Why did Danny not want to go solo? According to him, he just doesn’t like riding his bike for much more than six hours at a time (which would explain why he’s always going so fast during centuries). According to Charlie, Danny is a giant wimp, and he’s skeered.
I believe you can still get registered for the race, and would encourage everybody to go participate.

As we’ve mentioned recently, there is another alleycat going down in ABQ on Sunday (see post from a couple days ago). I would encourage everybody to come and join for that as well, I guarantee it will be the most fun you can have on a Sunday for $5.

On May 4th, Dan and Dan will be racing the La Tierra Torture. We’re both doing singlespeed. It should be a very good time. I rode last week on a section of the race course with my old man and his buddy Tim. The trails were a blast, and should make for some good racing. The trails were already starting to get pretty dry and loose, and if we don’t start getting more rain, it will be interesting navigating some of those hairpin turns in a race situation. I’m guessing more than a couple people will be blowing turns and going way off course.

That’s the schedule for now.