03 Apr More Alleycat Fun

Just received the poster for ABQ’s next alleycat. The poster is pure awesomeness. Very impressive, and will possibly be available day of the even for the incredibly low price of a couple bucks.

We’ve donated a Chrome bag. Which Chrome bag, we haven’t decided yet, so if you have any input, give a shout. Do you like the backpack better than the messenger bag?

We’ve participated in a number of local alleycats now, and one thing has always bothered me. Too many people aren’t wearing helmets. I saw a blurb on Bummer Life today about an alleycat where everybody wearing a helmet gets a ten second head start. I think if Bikeworks puts on any events, we will do something similar to that. I’m not going to require anybody to do anything, but we can make some strong incentives. I wish some of the other local organizers would consider this as well, but I believe a couple of them are non-helmeters themselves, so I don’t see it happening.

I just don’t get the non helmet thing. That’s an awfully big compromise to make in the name of fashion. Wearing a leather jacket in the middle of summer is one thing, but people get killed on a daily basis on bikes, and I’m all about giving myself better odds of staying alive.

Anyways, if any of you guys / gals are reading this, and are considering getting a helmet before the next alleycat, come on by and I’ll give you a screaming deal.

And I hope to see you all out there next weekend, helmet or not.