12 Mar ’08 Maverick’s and Rocky Mtn.’s On Hand

We’ve got some sweet mountain frames on hand.
We have an ’08 Maverick Durance, in Medium and limited edition Fast Orange color. The ’08s are just starting to show up at shops, and we got a few of the first, as Maverick loves us. Why do they love us? I can only assume it’s because we’re so rad (and has nothing to do with the number of bikes we’ve bought). We had a large hard ano Durance for a couple of days, but it’s gone, sold to a friend to replace a Blur LT. Good choice my friend.

As you can see, to the left of the Orange Durance, we have a large ano ’07 Durance on sale for $1900, $400 off suggested retail. Slightly different from the ’08 model, but an amazing bike at a great price. And to the right you can see two ML8’s, one medium and one large. So basically, we got you covered.

You can also see a BMC peeking in the corner of the photo as well. We still have two used BMC frames that we would love to find homes for. Both Large, the Trailfox will go for $800 and the Superstroke for $750. Both have seen minimal miles.

In other mountain frame news, we’ve got a couple of ’08 Rockies hanging on the wall.

An ETSX 70 in 19″, and a Slayer Team in 19″ ( both in the Dan’s size, strangely enough). I got to ride an ETSX in the south foothills a few days ago, and I was thoroughly impressed. I think it will the perfect bike for the die hard cross country hardtail guy who is finally realizing that a little suspension might be a good thing. It has super nimble, whippy cross country handling, with five inches of forgiveness to keep you feeling fresh and get you out of trouble from time to time. I was also impressed on it’s pedaling efficiency, without the ProPedal turned on, and it’s sheer grip at the rear wheel on steep, loose technical climbs. That bike dug in like nothing I’ve ridden before, even with moderate tires.
I haven’t ridden the Slayer more than around the parking lot yet, but I’m planning on getting out soon with our Demo and our ML8 demo to do a side by side comparo. I’ll let you know what I think.

In closing, it’s spring time, and I think you should get a new mountain frame.
Lucero out.