21 Feb Soma: keeping your feet connected to your bike with style.

Soma Fab makes some cool stuff. Affordable, well made, and stylish, and sometimes hard to come by. Items such as their double toe straps, which cost a fraction of the Japanese versions you usually find, will go out of stock for months it seems.

A bunch of stuff just came into stock though, and we bought it up quick.
In particular, we have the double strap toe clips and double leather straps. This is a sweet set up, and a very nice upgrade for all you fixie kids riding toe clips with single straps. I’ve had this same clip / strap setup for nearly 2 years now, and I’m very happy with it.

We also got a couple pairs of their Hellyer track pedals, which look strikingly similar to old Suntour pedals, have sealed bearings, are very light, come with gold or black cages, and are $70.

Just thought I’d throw a heads up out there, as it can be feast or famine with Soma goodies like these.