22 Feb Happyness Report 2008

Reading Dave Moulton’s bike blog, as I am prone to do since he seems to be a interesting guy with an amazing amount of knowledge about bikes and bike related history.
He was talking about a 60 Minutes report about the happiest people on earth that aired recently. Apparently Denmark is the place to be if you like being happy.
Sweden reportedly ranks #7, far outranking the good ol’ Youesofay, which came in at 23. My brother is now a Swedish resident, so you best be cheery chappy, I’m expecting at least 3 times my own cheeryness next time I talk to you.
Anyways, Mr. Moulton makes some interesting comments about the relationship between income and happiness, something that I give some thought to on a regular basis, since I’ve chosen to go the route of independent bike store proprietor rather than defense industry engineer peon.
I actually look forward to going to work in the morning, so I’m pretty happy with the decision so far.
Of course, with a wife and baby this cute, it would take a pretty seriously lousy job to make me unhappy.

Some of us are just lucky I guess.