Gonna get schooled Serotta style.

I'm heading up to Boulder this weekend to attend the Personalized fit class from the Serotta International Cycling Institute (SICI). It's three full days of class, that will cover everything I need to know to set up the shop and run a professional fit service here. Then when I return, I will regurgitate everything to Danny and Charlie.
I'm very excited to go and dork out on bike fit for a while. They also said to bring shorts, shoes, and pedals as attendees will be fit on a Serotta size cycle while we're there. So when I return I can compare my results with my current set up on my Rocky Mtn. road bike and see how far off I am. Should be interesting.

I'm also hoping to stop by and say hi to our new friends at Spot while I'm in the area. We got to meet a few of the guys and gals from Spot while at the 24 Hr race, and put our hands on a couple of their sweet bikes, including the belt driven singlespeed, which we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of (looks like early April).
I'm also going to make sure and get out to Oskar Blues Brewery, maker of Dales Pale Ale, the best beer ever to come out of a can, and sponsor of the Spot bike team. The owner of the brewery also is said to be a Maverick owner and avid mountain biker. I can only imagine what Dales is going to taste like on tap.
I'll make sure to bring a paper and pen so I can take notes on it's awesomeness, and then let you all know, 'cause I know your excited.


  1. an local authority on the subjects claims anoydyne has dales on tap...

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