09 Feb Charlie can type!

Turns out Charlie can type! And he put his typing skills to good use, and penned a very well thought out review of his Rocky Mountain ETSX Team, published over on Bikefix, the ultimate unbiased bike review site. I believe Charlie was inspired to write a review, after reading this review of the ETSX, that was brought to our attention by our Rocky rep.
Funny, as we’re trying to sell this bike and all, that Charlie’s review is decided less positive than the other one. It’s not negative by any means, but surprisingly objective coming from a retailer of said bike. Perhaps we’re just too honest to be good salesmen? Or perhaps Charlie’s just a little too picky?

I know it’s getting to be short notice, but a little reminder about tomorrows alleycat in Albuquerque, Going Postal, starting at Noon at the Duck Pond. Rumor has it, the race will be ending at Bikeworks, and another rumor has it that there will be copious amounts of free beer and food there. I’m planning on attending, while Senior Swinton will be singlehandedly running the store.

We sent a set of White Industries Double Double cranks, chainring, and freewheel out the door today. It was a sweet setup, and very very shiny. We like shiny.

This video was brought to our attention recently, plucked from the cornucopia of awesomeness that is How To Avoid The Bummer Life
Having thrown a few “parent out of town, let get rowdy” parties in my youth, I found the video and it’s star very amusing. The best thing about it though, is how he didn’t let the uppity TV woman bully him.

A little bit of industry news making the rounds lately is that Cannondale has been bought by the same company that owns Schwinn and Pacific, and Cannondale labeled bikes will become available in department stores in the near future. Having never been much of a Crackandfail fan, I found the news mostly entertaining. But it is a bit sad, as that is one less company of that size to compete with the mega brands such as Spez and Trek, and that much less variety will be available. On the up side, maybe this means that a few more people will buy a bike that actually rides well.

That’s about all the pseudo-cleverness I can muster for now. Til next time.