Busy Day on Saturday, Danny gets a new fixie

So Saturday was probably the busiest day we've had to date. It wasn't the most we've done through the register (although it was pretty good), but the amount of people coming through the door was amazing. Well, it was amazing for us, and our tiny little store, and the three of us working. We all spent the whole day talking to one person after the next, and it was quite enjoyable. Made us start thinking that we might need some help this spring, when it finally gets nice out again.
I was starting to wonder how so many people are hearing about us. We only advertised for three weeks when we first opened, and haven't had any ads out since the first week of December. I guess it's mainly word of mouth. Albuquerque sure can seem like a small city some times. We've had tremendous feedback so far. Despite the number of bike shops in town, people are really excited about what we're doing, our approach, our inventory, and in general, they just love the Dans (they think Charlie is ok, but I wouldn't say they love him. The Dans love him though, so therefore through the transitive property of loviness, they people love Charlie too, so he shouldn't go feeling bad about anything).
I sold a Country Road Bob, which leaves us with just one more, in a 56. Word on the street is, the lovely gal that bought it likes it a lot, which makes us happy.
We're starting to wonder if in the future we should stock more frames, less complete bikes, and put emphasis on custom builds. Does anybody have an opinion on that? We're always looking for feedback and suggestions from customers, since we're all new to this whole business ownership gig.

Danny's new Sanchez frame came in, and he built it promptly.

So we no longer have a pair of those sweet "wood" rims I was bragging about a few weeks ago. But I imagine we'll be getting some more soon. You can't really tell too well from the pic, but those rims go very well with the faux galvanized finish of the Sanchez frame. Best looking bike I've ever seen Danny ride.
He said it got very positive feedback when parked at his second home, the Anodyne, last night. And in all honesty, that's the whole point of a sweet fixie, looking good at the bar, is it not? Danny said as he was leaving work today that he was heading over to Buffalo Exchange to look for a nice pair of girl jeans that he could barely fit into to go along with his new bike. And tomorrow we're gonna take that ridiculous track bar off his track bike and replace it with a pair of 2 inch riser mtn bars, cut down just wide enough so that we can fit a pair of Oury grips on them, probably pink ones if we can find them. Of course he'll then have to flip his stem. Then, all he will have to do is stop wearing a helmet, stop riding his bike more than 10 miles at a time (which is good advice if your wearing girl jeans), and then start talking about how he's gonna move to New York and start messengering. That's my grand plan for Danny, I wonder how he feels about it?

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