29 Feb Back in town and making messes.

Finished up getting schooled on Tuesday. Very pleased with the entire class, we covered an incredible amount of material very thoroughly, and all the teachers were impressive. I was really impressed that there were 14 students, and we had 4 teachers most of the time, giving a pretty good ratio.
The other thing I found impressive was the experience of the instructors, which ranged from a PhD to an owner of a very successful local shop. These guys were able to speak on everything from the scientific reasons of why they recommend what they do, to logistical issues of offering bike fits in your shop as a service.
So I came back to the shop wednesday morning all jazzed up to allocate some floor space for our newly acquired Serotta Size Cycle, and get cracking on doing some fits. So yesterday I spent the morning making a scaled model of our shop (2D view from above) using high tech materials such as electrical tape, cardboard, and scissors. I’m pretty sure my engineering education helped a lot. Then Dan and I played “rearrange the store” with the model for a while before settling on a layout that we are pretty sure is pure awesomeness.
Then we began to tear the place up.
Unfortunately, the place is still tore up. It was one of those projects that everything got a whole lot worse before it will get better. We’re still in whole lot worse phase, and I’m sitting at home playing on the computer instead of at the shop making the place functional again.
I’ll post some pics soon of the revamped Bikeworks. Hopefully within a week or so we’ll have the full extent of our plans finished, and we’ll be all set up for a busy spring to hit.
Also, along with the rearranging project, I’m getting ready to box up some winter clothes to store until next fall. But I’d much rather sell the stuff than box it for several months. So, if you’re lacking any cold weather gear, come by and see us, and we’ll make you an offer you cant refuse.