Adventures with Maverick

Went to Maverick Tech School at Maverick headquarters in Boulder this weeks with Danny, it was a very educational and fun trip.
The guys at Maverick totally styled us out and treated us like kings. Their hospitality and generosity was amazing.
Wednesday morning was spent meeting everybody at Maverick, which surprisingly consists of just about 8 people, all of whom are totally rad and exactly the sort of people you think should be running a bike company. We had a nice long chat with the guys from the other bike shops that were there and Maverick co-owner Frank Vogel.
We then got a tour of the facilities, and then suited up for a ride on a nearby trail.

It was a short ride, but a very cool trail that was ideal for suspension testing; fast, with lots of square edge hits, a good number of baby heads, some hard cornering, a few g-outs, and more than a few places to get off the ground. The ride was just long enough to help Dan and I sweat out a little beer from the night before, and prep us to start drinking again, which happened to be in the parking lot.
Then off to burgers and more beer, back to the shop for a few hours of tech talk, and back out to dinner and more beers.
Thursday we met in the morning again, and had a pretty intensive couple hour talk with Frank about the finer points of suspension design, wheel path, chain growth, leverage ratios, and a whole bunch of other things that had a suspension dork such as myself very excited.
We spent some time examining a video that they made to analyze wheel paths of several different suspension designs, which can be found here. If anybody would like to have their ear talked off about the finer points of wheel path and chain growth, give me a call at the shop, and get ready to geek out.
I learned quite a bit, and I am now much more suited to put into words what I already knew from riding my Maverick, and explain what exactly it is that makes them ride so well.
Then we finished off the visit with a hands on tech session with Ethan, which covered hints and tips on tuning and rebuilding Maverick forks and shocks, which I enjoyed thoroughly.
Here are a few pics that I took during the trip.

A Maverick townie, with some of the sweetest bars and fender I've seen.

A plethora of Mavericks at the trailhead. This is what we're gonna have the trailheads around Albuquerque looking like in a couple years.

This is a very early prototype that I spotted hanging from the ceiling. Things have changed a lot with them since 2000. I particularly like the Maverick tuned dual crown SID, I wonder why Rock Shox doesn't make those anymore, I mean, who doesn't want 3 foot long 28.6 mm stanchions?

I was born in Boulder, and lived there until I was 13 years old. Every time I go back to visit, I wonder if I'll run into somebody I knew from childhood. Don't really expect it to happen since it's been 12 years since I left. But surprisingly, I happened to go to Jr. High with one of the guys at Maverick, Andy Emanuel. Also surprisingly, we both remembered each other. It's amazing the amount of stuff that floats around in your brain that you don't realize is there, like the face of somebody you went to school with 12 years ago, who wasn't even one of your close buddies.
I found it kind of funny how we both went to college at the same time, graduated in 5 years with Mechanical Engineering degrees, and then went to work in the bike industry. And, I had actually applied at Maverick, probably right around the time that he was hired on, about 2 years ago.
Anyways, it was pretty cool seeing him again.

All in all, the trip was a lot of fun, and we want to say thanks again to all the guys at Maverick for spending their time and money to have us out.
All in all, it was a very fun

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