25 Feb 1 Day of Serotta school down, 2 to go.

Spent the day today attending the Serotta Int. Cycling Institutes Personalized fit class. The whole day. We started at 8 am, on a Sunday, which I found a bit odd. It’s been a while since I was anywhere by 8 in the morning. When I saw that the schedule had us there until 6pm, I was a little worried. The day was so interesting, and we were moving around, hands on exercises with all the new material, that it was 5 before I knew it, and then we finished about an hour early.

Today we covered the pre-fit interview, the range of movement assessment, some fundamental anatomy and physiology, body measurements, and how to use the Serotta size cycle. Tomorrow we learn a whole bunch more stuff, and then tuesday we learn a whole bunch more stuff, and take a quiz.

I found out today that in order to get the certificate / diploma for finishing this course, that I will have to do ten fits, and provide SICI with the numbers from the fit for their approval. I think that is pretty cool, as it makes the certificate that much more meaningful; I didn’t just space out in their class for 3 days, I can actually apply what they taught (hopefully).

That means I will be looking for a handful of volunteers to practice my new skills on as soon as I get back. So let me know if your interested, send me an email or call the shop and we’ll get you scheduled.

Been enjoying cruising around Boulder a bit, although I feel a little out of place without a North Face fleece on. I think they hand those out when you get a local drivers license, something about keeping Boulder homogenized law that they passed a few years back.

Went to Oskar Blues last night for dinner. Very cool place, good food, good beer, I would probably spend a fair amount of time there if I lived in the area. As far as my Dales on tap vs in the can experiment, I would say it’s a pretty close call. I think it was a little smoother on tap, but I’ve always thought it’s been an easy drinking beer to begin with.
Kristi was enjoying the Gordons IPA on tap, which is a fine beer as well.
During dinner, I noticed the people in the booth next to us were enjoying themselves the exotic beer commonly referred to as Coors Light, from the bottle. I found this pretty amusing, as we had gone there specifically because of their beer. On the way out, we were joking with the hostess about people drinking Coors, and she informed us that she doesn’t like any of the Oskar beers because they’re “too strong.”
So I asked to see her manager, and then persuaded him to fire her. It made me feel better, but she was crying so loud that she woke up my baby, and that made me mad again.
Sometimes you just cant win.