28 Jan Winter Clothing Sale! We Sold a Bike! I heart my new Swobo Jersey! I also heart exclamation points!!!

It’s starting to warm up, and rather than boxing a bunch of stuff up for the next eight months, we’re putting all our cold weather gear on sale.
So all winter jackets, gloves, booties, tights, etc. are a minimum of 10% off. Some stuff is up to 40% off. We’ve got a small selection of tights, some Endura soft shells, some Boure thermal jerseys, and a whole bunch of different booties and gloves. We still have some cold days ahead, so come on in and style yourself out for the rest of the winter.

In other news, that really isn’t news unless your whole world happens to revolve around Bikeworks, we sold our first complete bike! We had previously sold a frame, and most of the corresponding build kit, so it was kind of like we sold a complete bike. But this was the first time that somebody came in and bought a complete bike off the floor. The bike was a Swobo Sanchez fixie, sold to a friend of Danny’s, whose name I forgot. He was excited, and we were excited, and the whole event was very exciting.
We think the bike is a good deal, at $600 with a nice build kit, and a nicely made steel frame with shaped and double butted tubes, and of course a white chain to match the white bars and rims. So nice, in fact, that Danny decided he needed one to replace his current aluminum Bare Knuckle track frame and fork, which we will be putting up for sale by the end of the week.

Speaking of Swobo, I acquired their wool short sleeve jersey recently, and wore it yesterday for the first time. I think it is the single nicest piece of bike clothing I have ever owned. I’ve never had a jersey that fit so well, it has a nice and tall collar that actually keeps your neck warm when you zip it up, but isn’t so tight that you feel like your going to choke. And after a solid 3 1/2 hours of singlespeed suffering with Marc, it wasn’t even beginning to pretend that it was stinky. I plan on not washing it until it builds up a funk that equals that of a synthetic jersey after one ride, just as an experiment. I’ll keep you posted, as I know you are all very interested in the smell of my cycling clothing.
We are also going to be customizing these jerseys and racing in them at 24 Hours of Old Pueblo in a few weeks. I plan on doing all my laps in the same jersey, just ‘cuz thats how I roll.

We just happen to stock Swobo’s merino wool jerseys, in both short sleeve and long sleeve versions. As well as their featherweight base layers (short and long sleeve), a selection of their 100% organic cotton tee’s, which all have awesome designs, along with a selection of their socks, gloves, hats, and arm warmers. In general, we stocked up on Swobo gear, and I want to take it all home with me.

So Danny and I are heading to Boulder tomorrow evening, to attend a couple of days of rigorous schooling from the masterminds at Maverick. Upon our return, we will be the utmost authorities of all things Maverick, and we request you all to stop by the shop so we can wow you with our incredible newly attained knowledge.
I’m actually looking forward to it. It will be nice to be out of the shop for a few days, although I’ll definitely be missing my baby boy the whole time. Oh, and my wife too, I’ll be missing my baby boy and my wife. Love you honey!
We should learn how to be more eloquent in our attempts to convey all the amazingness that is riding a Maverick to our customers, and hopefully we’ll get some technical training on their suspension service and tuning as well.
Charlie will be running the shop for Weds. and Thurs. during shortened hours, and it will be primarily sales, as Charlie’s mechanic skills are very, very, very limited. Oooohhh, BURN!
But, feel free to drop your bike off, because Charlie is very good at taking notes, and the Dans will take care of you on friday.

And when you head on over to drop your bike off, our shop will be at least 18% easier to locate, now that we have a legitimate sign. Just installed this morning, we are now BIKE WORKS according to the front of our shop. But, don’t be fooled, it is indeed us, BIKEWORKS in the shop. And, hopefully by then end of the week, our sign will be proper, and just one word instead of two.