22 Jan Fox Fork Tuning Tips

I have a few year old Fox F100 RLC on my singlespeed. It needed a rebuild recently so I thought I would experiment. I used 2.5 wt oil, rather than the recommended 7 wt in an attempt to soften up the fork, which I’ve always believed is over damped (I’m 150 pounds). I also us Enduro seals, which are nothing new, but I’ve never used them before.
Results were very pleasing. I thought the fork was much more sensitive to small and square-edge bumps, and the seals seemed to be as stiction free as anything I’ve ridden after a couple-ride break in. Furthermore, the lockout still functions normally (I was afraid I might be able to push through it with such light oil) and the rebound gets more than slow enough. I would recommend the lighter weight oil for anybody who doesn’t feel like their Fox fork is as sensitive as it should be.
Then on Sunday, about 3 hours into a 4 hour knee buster in the foothills with Marc, I noticed a significant amount of stiction in my fork (this was probably the sixth ride on it since the rebuild, many of them were muddy and wet). So I stopped, flipped the bike upside down, and cycled the fork a few times. This allowed the lubricating oil in the casting to flow up to the wiper seals and the foam rings. When I started riding again, the fork was back to it’s normal smoothness.
Just a few thoughts for anybody out there that isn’t stoked with their fork. Before you go sending it back to the factory, or off to Push, there may be a quick and easy way to get it to your liking.