26 Jan Don’t Underestimate Danny’s skills!

Danny has managed to build a rapport with a gentleman who owns a completely pimped out Escalade with gold spoked 20″ spinners.
The problem with gold spoked 20″ spinners, it seems, is that the spinning part of the spinners have a tendency to get wobbly every year or so, and rub on the rim, thereby diminishing the awesomeness of the wheels. Fortunately for this gentlemen, he knows a guy that can fix them. That guy is none other than my business partner with the can-do attitude, Dan Swinton.
In the picture it appears as though there is a very bad glare as a result of me taking the picture almost directly into the sun. This is in fact not the case. The glare is actually the sun bouncing off of the gold spoked 20″ spinners, and then bouncing off of another car’s side view mirror. It’s amazing, I know.
I’ve been keeping a print of the twisty spoke that Danny built a few days ago with me at all times, just in case I run into the gentleman who owns the escalade. I’m hoping he might be interested in customizing those wheels, and I think I know just the man for the job.
I’d also like to mention that it was about 35 deg. outside that day. Truly amazing dedication to customer service.