26 Jan 84 Serotta Murray 7-11 Bike

Our friend John Price dropped off a little gem for us to drool on today. He is fortunate enough to be the proud owner of an ’84 Serotta made Murray branded 7-11 team bike. Of course since it belongs to John, the bike is completely original, chock full of beautiful and clean Campy and Cinelli parts. And a very nice touch is the 7-11 waterbottle, that appears to have never been used.
The story of this particular bike, according to John, is as follows: It was originally made for the movie American Flyers, which was released in 1985. The bike then was raced for a while, but never by one of the 7-11 pros. John came across it in Wheat Ridge CO.
Thats what I know. Of course, now I have to go rent American Flyers, see if I can spot the bike, and bask in the glory that is Kevin Costner.
Thanks to John for trusting us with his bike, so that we can share it’s glory with all our fellow bike geek friends.